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6 Downloadable Movement Medicine Sessions With Yours Truly
(Replays Of Live Session Recordings)

What's better than a little dance and romance with yourself?! 

Not much, BUT, how about we do it together in a fun, loving, sacred container? 

Journey through 6 dynamic movement sessions, PLUS some sound healing, guided meditations and more. 

To tap into the wisdom of your body & liberate yourself. 

While these sessions are recordings, the energy of them is still very much alive and you will feel my encouraging, joy-filled presence with you all the way through. 

  • Explore different ways to "dance"... Some guided flow, some simple choreography, and a whole lot of in between.

  • Receive loving guidance as you heal and expand your mind, body & soul through movement. ​

  • Feel your intentions and desires amplified through this space.

  • Learn tools to regulate your nervous system + nourish and celebrate your body.  

This offer is open to any and all beings 18+. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NEEDED. 

A safe space where you can show up just as you are, any time of day or night and move through whatever is present. From whatever space you're in across the globe.

While I will guide you, you have full freedom to do as you please. After all, you ARE the wise creator and inhabiter of your body!

If you can't make it LIVE, easily access the replays on our private instagram account.

Go at your own pace and keep coming back to the sessions that light you up the most.  

There is no better medicine than movement. 

A few things that movement can do for you... 

  1. Release endorphins-> bye stress!

  2. Give you a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities.

  3. Help to alchemize emotions so that they don't get trapped. 

  4. Provide an outlet for you to express yourself.

  5. Strengthen your connection to you body. 

PLUS- you will have me, a world renowned movement educator, and all of the many extra tools I bring along (Reiki, NLP, sound healing, intuitive messages) to keep you flowing. 

So sign up now, invite your friends and LET'S DO THIS. 


1. Click the "REGISTER NOW" button below and make your donation. 

**Any amount you choose is perfect. Suggested donation is $44.

2. Once we receive your donation, we will email you the downloadable link for your sessions, so be on the lookout.

(If for any reason you don't receive the link within 48 hours, check your spam folder and then message us to let us know.)

3. Celebrate yourself and get into the groove! 

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