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Being a mama myself, I'm aware of the current deficit of deep care for the mother's among us in our culture. On my journey, I have deeply connected to the medicine of the Great Mother & her nurturing, nourishing, infinite care moves through me in any and all exchanges, but especially those with actual mamas. 

This is a special offering that has been placed onto my heart to help any mama who is needing and desiring extra support. These one hour zoom sessions may include sound healing, guided mediation, Reiki energy healing, intuitive guidance, plant medicine integration and other modalities to support you in feeling whole within yourself.

As you continue to nourish and support your child or children, it's my honor to help to support YOU. My belief is that a world where mothers are cared for and supported, is a world that is healthy & full of possibility. You are loved, you are seen, you are valued.

This exchange is donation based. Pay what you can/what feels right to you. A typical donation for this one hour session is usually anywhere between $75-225 but it is not expected that you be within that range. Any amount is beautiful, and you will receive the same level of attention and care no matter what. 

First, click the button below to make your donation and then click the scheduling link below to get on the schedule. 

**While there is no set donation amount, in order to secure your spot a donation must be made. 

You must also complete the client waiver and intake form that you will be redirected to once you schedule your session. 

Lots of love and blessings to you. Thank you for BEING. 

I cannot thank the universe/galaxy enough for connecting us. Your support and guidance has been wonderful, helpful and live saving for me. I cannot say enough. Thank you!

Every mom should experience this! I have literally never felt more relaxed and it was everything that I needed. I swear I had the most relaxing weekend I've had in weeks after the session... I'm still feeling a sense of calm a week later. Thank you!

Jessica Perilloux, Mom of Two

Rhiannon Van, Mom of one

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