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After our introductory session, all clients that make the commitment to continue working together with me are invited into a 3 month container. While single sessions can be powerful, I've experienced that the agreement to dive in for at least 12 weeks can (and often does) move mountains. Not only do we journey through sessions together, I hold a container and vision of your highest timeline for the entirety of the 3 months container. 

Investing in mentorship has been one of the most powerful ways that I have experienced quantum leaps on my own healing journey. There's something so profound in knowing that someone is always in my corner helping me to keep choosing into the things that fill me up and cheering me on along the way. This is what I do for you. Even when we're not in contact, I'm tapping in regularly and supporting you energetically through it all. 

Each of these containers includes: 

  • 3 Month Sacred Space Holding & Accountability 

  • Twice A Month 1:1 Sessions Via Phone or Zoom 

  • Unlimited Coaching Via Text/Voice-memos For The Entirety Of The Container (During Working Hours) 

  • Additional Resources; Guided Meditations, Regular Distance Healing, Custom Curated Support Tools 

The Medicine:

  • Receive tangible tools that you can work with for the rest of your life.

  • Attune and clear your energy on a regular bases; to bring more fluidity and healing to not only yourself, but to your entire lineage.

  • Learn unique ways of accessing the healer in YOU, so that you can trust your own intuition and receive your own medicine... And know when to ask for support along the way.

  • Rest into the loving arms of divine support... Free of judgement, full of honoring.

  • Learn to TRUST the process and do so with total reverence for your beautiful self. 

While I believe that there's actually no way to really put a monetary value on this work, we do live in a dimension where money is large part of the energetic exchange that we all move through when receiving services of many kinds. I understand that some may have more access to financial resources than others and that each of us is on a unique journey. 

Spirit has called me to keep my services accessible and inclusive by creating different options of investment for this container.

You get to pay what feels most appropriate and fair to you and know that I will hold the space with the same level of commitment and integrity regardless of what you choose. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to make an investment in their healing. It may still feel like a stretch for you, and that can be a potent part of the process.

It’s my hope that we can meet in the middle and have a deeply loving, empowering exchange that feels valuable for us both. 

Also, as I've become more trauma informed over the last couple of years, I feel that it's important to lay it all out for you so that nothing is a surprise. My desire is that you feel informed, supported and ultimately, SAFE as we commit to walking the path together.

Below you'll find the current pricing for 3 different levels of investment. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the contact form here and I will gladly be of assistance. 

Pricing Tiers: 

Tier 1- $444 monthly or $1200 upfront  

Tier 2- $777 monthly  or $2100 upfront 

Tier 3- $1111 monthly or $3000 upfront

**For each client that invests at this level, I will offer my services to someone in need.

Monthly payments will be automated via PayPal once the first payment is set up. 

**Monthly payments can be broken up into twice monthly. 

So much love and thank you for considering me to guide you on your journey. 


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