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Thursdays 4:30-6pm at Genesis Studios, Glassel Park Los Angeles

Movement & Magic is an immersive movement healing experience. Think of this as Spiritual and Emotional Therapy through movement. Each class is custom curated based on the individual needs of those that show up in the space, as well as the collective energy and flow of the class.

We start with an opening circle where Gina shares her intentions for the space and offers students the opportunity to check in and share. We then tune into the body and orient to a sense of safety and well being through guided meditation. From there, we flow through a warm up to get the body aligned and move into guided improvisation. Improv exercises vary from class to class and are designed to support your overall well being; mind, body & soul. The last part of class is a space to learn heart centered choreography of various styles and to refine your artistry within the container of specific movements. While this class is open to movers of all levels, combinations may be challenging for some and do lean toward intermediate/advanced levels. The class is always closed with additional grounding and gratitude. 

This class truly is an EXPERIENCE. It's a loving, permissive environment, where everything is a suggestion and nothing is an obligation. it's an opportunity to reclaim your relationship to movement & it would be my honor to hold you through the journey. 

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