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Energetic Alchemist, Master of Movement Medicine, Energetic Midwife, Soulful Mommy...
Mirror of your most divine essence.

I have been doing this work for many many lifetimes. In this one, I have received certifications and initiations in The Integrative Reiki Mastery Method, The Dove Codex,Transformational Life Coaching, Neuro Design Engineering and NLP, to name a few, and I've developed many multidimensional skills along the way. 


Before diving into this calling, I traveled the world as a renowned dancer, choreographer, dance educator & triple threat performer. I made many appearances on various screens and stages. You may know me from that chapter, which had a dynamic alchemy of its own. On that journey, I acquired many tools of embodiment and divine connection that I still utilize today. 


Working with with me takes on many forms. I work with the subtle energetic bodies, sound, somatic processes and other tools to help powerful, empathic beings like you break free from the confines of who you think you should be, so that you can LOVE and embrace who you truly are at the core. I help you to remember and embody the magic and medicine that is already alive within you.

Call me a master of the in-between. Just like a midwife guides, nurtures, encourages and assists in the birth of a child, I help you to birth the next iteration of YOU. A process that unfolds time and time again.

I believe that you are here for a divinely appointed, unique purpose. I enter into my offerings with deep reverence for the process of co-creation with you and God. I help you to come home to the living, breathing embodiment of Divine that you are. 

My approach to this work is a holistic one, where we not only address the metaphysical, but learn to work with practical tools to ground all of the healing that occurs into this body and this now moment.  


Aside from the work I do in my own coaching, I co-founded Awake & Soulful. Awake & Soulful's mission is to activate women into a deeper connection with their real, authentic selves and to celebrate the expansiveness of both the individual and the collective.

Thank you so much for visiting my page. You are valued here.

With love,


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FRANCE- Mary Magdalene Pilgraimage

July, 2024

LOS ANGELES- Embodied Radiance Retreat 

August 2nd-5th, 2024

Personalized Private and Semi-Private Retreat Experiences, Based On Availability


What Clients Are Saying

I've been working with Gina for several months, and it has been a very enlightening experience.  Upon my first few sessions with her, I instantly felt the grey fog of pain, hurt, and overall sense of feeling lost lift.  She is very intuitive and has provided me with the belief that mystics are real; it's not every day that you come across someone who is spot on about certain things that no one else could know.  Very detail oriented, she's shared her knowledge with me and I very much appreciate the guidance. Gina is warm and provides a safe space to process.

Aileen Uy, Therapist

I was lucky enough to meet Gina through a friend. Instantly I felt her amazing energy and vibes. I knew I wanted to work with her. We just had our first session and it was magical!!! Her voice and presence alone will put you at ease and well on your way to having this unique experience with her. You will learn a lot about yourself and be able to overcome obstacles you want to work through in your life. Her light is truly a gift and the perfect way to begin your journey! :)

Andrea Grace, Writer

I went to Gina for emotional support and what I received in my first visit BLEW ME AWAY! I was so focused on how dark I was feeling that I didn't even think of telling her about any physical pain I had been feeling for years. As soon we began Gina zeroed in on the two areas of physical pain that I had been in for years. I had been to many different doctors, specialists, world-renowned doctors even, and no one was able to help me. I had surrendered to the fact that I was going to live the rest of my life in pain, BUT Gina was able to completely relieve me from my physical and emotional pain. I am in awe! I thought how could this be real? I honestly can not believe it. I have energy in my body again and I feel at ease. I honestly can't remember feeling this peaceful. Gina is so kind, loving, and is powerfully gifted!!! She is such a blessing and has put my fears to rest along with my pain and sadness. I am no longer living under a dark cloud. It's honestly the best thing I have EVER done for myself.

Monica Garcia, Actress

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